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Mr Luc LION, founder and managing director of Luc LION S.A., started working in the field of electricity and related activities in 1972.

In 1977, this ”complementary” occupation became a company with legal personality. Nowadays, Mr LION is aided by a group of technicians.

1986 saw the start of the firm as a limited liability company and the construction of the industrial building and offices. 

Due to the expansion of its activities, there was a considerable increase in the number of staff between 1988 and 1990.

In 1991, Mr Luc LION was joined by his son Michaël and together they expanded the company’s activities.   Other sectors have been added to the company’s initial clients who were mainly industrial such as banks, insurance companies, public services, the distribution sector and the agri- food industry. 

A serious approach to work well done continues to be the company’s strong points.